The Gibbon Wardrobe

Dear Globetrotter ,

We hope you are well and fighting off the travel bug just as well. It can be frustrating having to give up travel plans - it could be the well-deserved getaway from work, the milestone graduation trip, or the romantic honeymoon you’ve been looking forward to. For some, it could be a long overdue trip back home to visit family and friends. We feel you.

Gibbon is about green travel. We value sustainability and the communities around us. We enable travellers to take these values along wherever they go. And this means the values remain even as we stay at home. 

With travel on standstill, we know that our communities will not be looking out for travel-related rentals and we support staying home right now. Fortunately, we have also learnt from the traveler’s ways to always remain light. With our light setup and a strong conviction to our green values, Gibbon is taking this opportunity to explore deeper and more meaningful ways of engaging with our communities, starting from home. 

As such, we are currently thawing our gibbon wardrobe, awaiting for better travel and summer days. But fret not, as we continue to add more features to what we offer and also provide you ways of #travellingfromhome and #zerowastemeasures during this period of time. And of course, our wardrobe are always open for your viewing.

We also took this time to refocus some of the efforts to our home communities in need, we are making better plans for the world under our initiatives #GibbonGives

Meanwhile, feel free to drop us a note and share your next wanderlust green wish. 

Stay healthy and keep moving with #HomeWorkouts!

With the warmth of being home,

The Gibbon Team