Slowfashion season



#mysfsjourney2020 is a collaborative feature with Slow Fashion Season 2020, the fastest growing global Slow Fashion Community. The #mysfsjourney2020 showcase four beautiful ( both inside and outside) ambassadors from different continents to see how they slowfashion. These four ambassadors will share their motivations, challenges, tips and choices in their slowfashion journeys. Hopefully this can also inspires you to embark on the same journey together.

Meet Tay Wee Leng, @ourearthleng . Founder of upcipe⁠. ⁠

Wee Leng loves her house plants and thinks they incept the passion for environmental sustainability in her sleep every night. Ardent love for zerowaste that she started, a platform for sharing upcycling recipes and is advocating for communities to throw away less.

Why Slowfashion