1. What is GIBBON?

GIBBON is a rental marketplace platform for travellers. We create curated travel packs for our travellers to pick from, so that travel can be hassle-free and simple. 

2. Why is GIBBON featured in both Singapore and the Netherlands? 

We are based in both Singapore and the Netherlands. 

3. Will GIBBON be expanding to other countries? 

Yes, GIBBON is currently working to ensure that all our users who are travelling multi-city will be able to use our service. 

3. How does GIBBON help travellers?

We know the pain of lugging around heavy luggage, and the inconveniences that it can cause. GIBBON helps you organise, pack and deliver your selected items, so that you can sit back, relax, and travel.

4. How do I use GIBBON?

 Pick, check out and leave the rest to us! 

 5. What if the garments I order do not fit me? Can I change or amend my order once it has been placed?

If the garments you order do not fit you, GIBBON to the rescue. All garments can be exchanged on the day of delivery. Orders that have been placed can be changed 1 day prior to the delivery date. GIBBON is here for you 24/7. Just send us a message via our FB page, website or email, and you will be able to swap your items within the first day of collection. 

6. Will I need to press the garments upon arrival or do any laundry?

Yeeks, no! Everything (from the washing of garments to its pressing) will be taken care of by our long-suffering GIBBON team. This applies to both Merlion City or Beyond the Equator users. 

7. Do you offer same day delivery?

Yes we definitely do! Simply notify us 6 hours in advance! 

8. How do I know whether the garments are clean?

GIBBON cleans, washes and tags all garments the moment they are washed. We use organic, non-abrasive detergent that do not contain harsh elements, to prevent damage to our delicate garments and minimise allergens. Our professional team of laundry experts are on hand to provide the most effective cleaning service to GIBBON. The beauty in using GIBBON is that our business operations are entirely transparent. Each package that you receive comes with a tag informing you about the number of times the garment has been used and washed, and the previous wearer before you.

9. Can I make a purchase for garments listed on GIBBON’s website?