What to pack for London this winter

Pick and rent the most suitable winter coat this winter

Planning for an upcoming trip to London and looking for some tips on what to pack? While we are eager to share with you our recommended packing list, we will like to focus a bit more on winter outer coats for our first edition. Let us look at what winter coats to pack this winter to fit different occasions! 


Packing for business trips or indoor events

You can never go wrong with wool overcoats, for that smart professional visual. Try a camel overcoat that you can wear over a turtleneck or button-up cotton shirt.

Winter coats for business trips:


If you are visiting a museum or any indoor attraction, work with layers. Scarves, knitwear and a teddy coat can keep you warm and comfortable  from the bitter wind while enjoying the indoor attractions ! 😉


Winter coat for indoor activities

We love a snugly teddy coat to keep you warm and comfy. And of course splash a pop of colour in this winter.

Thinking of visiting Hyde Park or Hampstead Heath?  A puffer jacket is the way to go. Wool coats do not fare well in the rain, you will want to explore the woods and greenery without worrying about a rainy weather. Puffer jacket will shield you off the rain with its hood and waterproof material.  


Winter coat for outdoor activities

If your puffer jacket has no hood, no worries at all, you can always pair it with a hooded sweater within . Pair them with a pair of sneakers and you have the perfect combination for the outdoors.

What we suggest for your London trip this winter
If you coming from a temperate climate, drop the idea of buying new winter coats and explore what gibbon.today has to offer. Travel light this trip and rent your coats with gibbon.today. Let us take you through a travel light experience!

Worry no more on what to pack for London this winter! Just rent with us and we will ensure you will travel light, comfortable and in style!


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