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tail, came about as a very natural extension to GIBBON. Besides offering a service that convenienced travellers, we wanted to offer a sneak peek into what made GIBBON truly GIBBON. All views come from people whom we adore and love.
Coming from a traveller’s point of view, tail, was created to explore the stories behind everyday travellers. It seeks to understand and experience the journeys that travellers have taken. How their travels have effected changes into the way they conduct their life- whether it was intentionally or not. tail, is not interested in frivolous pursuits or current career statuses. It is merely interested in your unfiltered opinions.

What do you like best about travelling? 

For me it's that moment when you are somewhere new, and you may be sitting on a train observing the passing terrain, at a cafe watching the world go by around you, or in a forest in the middle-of-nowhere, and suddenly you have this realisation that you are in this wonderful new place that might have once read about in a book or saw on TV. I think it's this moment of realisation where I appreciate just how wonderful life is and that there is this magical world around us where we all have the ability to explore it. So I suppose for me it's kind of spiritual! But of course I love everything else that travel entails.


What does travelling means to you? 

Travelling is something my soul had yearned for, for years, but I was only able to truly discover it in my late 20's - and since then I haven't been able to stop! For me it's something that really resonates inside of me.A desire to explore, see new places, discover the wild beauty of nature, meet people I would otherwise never have the opportunity to meet, hear and speak other languages, immerse myself in another culture. It is an integral part of my life and now makes up who I am. I will never be able to stop wandering this planet, because the more I explore the more I learn that there is so much else out there. I hope to continue doing this for the rest of my life!


This is a tough question. You have been to many places, and each place has its beauty. But what would you say to be your favourite?

I am extraordinarily drawn to the mountains, and two of my most favourite places are two of the most different - the Himalayan Mountains in Nepal and The Alps in France. One is a third world country and the other is a ski attraction, but both are places of endless beauty, very welcoming hospitality and some delicious and fresh local food. In both countries I discovered something new about myself and I think that says a lot. I would go back to both in a heartbeat and would recommend them to anyone who asks. 


What was the funniest or most memorable incident you have encountered while travelling? 

One of the most memorable nights I've had whilst travelling was in Paris. I had arranged to work a ski season for a French family in The Alps as an Au Pair. Prior to meeting them in Lyon, the father of the family arranged for me to stay with his mother in Paris for one night. His mother was a lovely older lady (nearly 80), who lived in a very old Parisian house and she spoke no English. At the time I barely spoke any French beyond "merci!". However despite the communication barrier, we had a very lovely evening together enjoying the food she had prepared, trying to teach each other words in our languages, plenty of body language and mostly a pleasant quietness that could otherwise have been uncomfortable but was completely the opposite.


What are the 5 essential things you carry along when travelling?

Music. These used to be on my iPod, but now live on my iPhone. Music helps me to get through those long travel journeys or delays and is also just perfect for moments of relaxation.

Canon 700D. I recently purchased this lovely camera and wish I had invested in a better quality one sooner during my travels. It is something extra I have to carry around, but it's so worth it for the beautiful photos and memories. 

Photos. I have a few printed photos of family and friends that I always bring with me, so that I can put them up in my room or just take a look at them if I'm ever feeling sentimental or a bit lonely. 

Scarf or jumper for the plane. I have learnt that even if I'm flying from one warm country to another, the temperature in the cabin can drop to seemingly sub-zero temperatures and it's always good to have extra layers. 

Tarot cards. My mum once gave me a miniature pack of tarot cards (each card about the size of my thumb) and I treasure them and carry them with me everywhere. In those moments whilst travelling where I have a difficult decision to make and have no one else around me to ask for advice these little cards have come in handy!




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