#GibbonGives in #Covid

Covid is a trying period for everyone of us, in one way or another. However, some communities are more affected than others. #GibbonGives would like to refocus some of the efforts to our home communities in need, making better plans for the world.

To help the migrant workers currently isolated in dormitories, a collection drive was carried on 18 April 2020. In less than 3 days of outreach, via various channels, we were so happy with the overwhelming responses.

It was heart-warming to know that in current challenging times, kind souls are looking out for each other and extending that support in various ways. We are deeply touched.

Thanks to the many kind donors, we have collected more than 4000+ masks, cleaning liquids, toothpastes, toothbrushes and other items in the 3-day drive.

We look to continue #gibbongive with greater focus on the senior community in upcoming drives. Finally, just a huge heart-felt thank you to all the generous donors who made our first #gibbongives drive a success.

Thank you for keeping a lookout for one another.

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