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we are not a luggage depository, a travel concierge, an ape or just another clothing rental

we are a travel marketplace that helps you travel without your luggage

travel with the most intuitive curated wardrobe at your fingertips

Travel with Nothing. Empty hands make better plans.

Travel Easy, Travel Light

How GIBBON Works


Visit us: The YELLOW Store, Amsterdam Centraal Station, 10th October to 31st December 2018

On-the-spot rentals

Luggage drop-off points

Coffee and snacks

Electronic Dance Music

Great Conversation 

Silent Disco

Silent Yoga

Beer and Whisky Tasting

Crazy Rich Asian Reruns

Stout the Frenchie 

Well, if you must insist on traveling with baggage...

Leave your luggage with us

Get to know us better

How GIBBON Works

Hear Hear!

The Tooting Horn Channel

GIBBON quickened the packing process for my family and me. We went from airport checkout to the hotel without the need to wait for our baggages. 

Roy, Service Engineer

I decided to test out GIBBON's service while we were in Amsterdam, and found out that we got more than we expected. Besides being able to test out local brands, we were surprised at how efficient the service was. 

Samantha, Graphic Designer

Great Service!

Jane, Marketing Manager

Got GIBBON service when the weather changed and I did not bring enough clothes. Made my travel more comfortable. 

Len, Analyst

Lightened our baggage!

Alisha, Manager

GIBBON V2 in June 2019

Join the GIBBON V2 test

GIBBON V2 coming in 2019

Exciting things are coming down in pipeline. We don't just mean it in an advertising gimmicky kind of way. At GIBBON, we are completely serious about being seriously excited. 

In the past few months, we have tested our service with hundreds of users, both through our online platform and offline. Through one-on-one conversations with our users and interested parties, we have hosted more than 1000 meaningful conversations that have a significant impact on the way we have viewed traveling and how best to serve our loyal users. We have also made more mistakes than it is possible to count. 

With more than 50 international brands, a spanking store located in the Central of Amsterdam, and a brand new website along with a series of hot releases, GIBBON is on the way to providing a better look and usability for our users. Our goal is simple: Make every city a luggage-less one by traveling light on your shoulders, and light on the environment. 

Watch this space for further information on brand collaborations, GIBBON service updates and travel information. In the meantime, check out our pop-up store The YELLOW store, at Amsterdam Centraal Station, 31-G. 

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Amsterdam Centraal Station

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Our store

YELLOW Store Unit 31-G
Lil' Amsterdam
Amsterdam Centraal Station
Monday- Sunday, 24 hours

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