Living Life Without Baggage

GIBBON simplifies travel by changing the way you pack

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A New Approach to Travel

Merlion City

For peeps heading to Singapore, GIBBON is at your service!


How gibbon Works

1. Choose Easy

GIBBON enables you to travel with just a passport in hand. Simply click, add, and go. 

2. Travel Easy

Locate your accommodation. GIBBON will have your items sent straight to you.

3. Leave Easy

When leaving, simply toss the items received into the GIBBON bag provided for you and leave. 

4. Home Easy

Reach the comfort of your home without having to unpack your luggage and washing up.

Beyond the Equator

Going to a place with sub-zero temperatures, GIBBON warms you!

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Pick the pieces you need


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We will have them delivered to your home


Warm and Fuzzy

Enjoy your fuss-free holiday


Touch Down

Send us a 'ping' to return the pieces


GIBBON is a travel service that enables everyone to travel with just a passport. Simply choose, add and check out.